How Do You Send Us Photos and Sermon Audio

Because most e-mail services limit file sizes, it is best to send photos and sermon audio files via Google Drive or Dropbox. This is an easy process. You can generally e-mail up to 4 photos directly to [email protected] without it being rejected due to file size.

How Does Your Website Get Updated?

The update process is very easy. Most updates to content and requests for change come from you. Once we receive an e-mail sent to [email protected] we will complete your request within 24 hours. If your request comes in after 11:00 a.m. on Friday, it will be completed on Monday morning. You can send us pictures to add to the site. We would ask that your reference the event and name the persons in the photo if you wish. Your site does not get updated if you do not send in updates. E-mail requests for updates go onto a daily work … Read More

Gulf Horizons Constant Contact Business Partner

Gulf Horizons Web Design is a certified Constant Contact business partner. Explore how you can better send e-mails to your church or non-profit organization’s membership. Prevent your e-mail from being tagged SPAM and not delivered. Protect your mail reputation.  Using your standard email system (e.g. Outlook®, Eudora®, Hotmail®, AOL MailSM, Yahoo® etc.) to send a BCC text or HTML message to your list are not the best tools to do it right. Why not? Because your standard email system is not designed for marketing and therefore has significant limitations that can actually undermine, rather than aid your marketing efforts. Constant … Read More