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    High Quality

    “They understand the needs of churches and Christian ministries.”

    Pastor Mike Mirakian

    “Gulf Horizons has provided our church with high quality, professional web design at low cost. They understand the needs of churches and Christian ministries and present who we are to the community in effective and appealing ways. Our web presence is up-to-date, easy to navigate and attractive. I highly recommend Gulf Horizons to churches and ministries of all sizes. Especially for those who may think professional web design would be too costly, Gulf Horizons offers excellent design services at affordable prices.”

    Pastor Chris Holck

    “We’ve been happy with the entire design and maintenance process.  Gulf Horizons was able to put together a beta website for us in a very short amount of time using content from our existing website.  The result was so good that we made very few changes before going live.  Updates are always done very quickly and our web presence has improved dramatically.  And of course, being partners in mission is a great thing too!  It is a pleasure to work with Gulf Horizons.”

    Tony Wapner, Church Office Manager

    “Attractive, professional, functional, economical… These words describe what Gulf Horizons Web Design has provided for us. We are amazed and pleasantly surprised at the quality of design and the quickness of response by Dennis when we have information to be put on the website. The monthly fees are very reasonable and the service is excellent. I recommend Gulf Horizons Web Design.”