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Gulf Horizons Web Design is a certified Constant Contact business partner. Explore how you can better send e-mails to your church or non-profit organization’s membership. Prevent your e-mail from being tagged SPAM and not delivered. Protect your mail reputation. 

Using your standard email system (e.g. Outlook®, Eudora®, Hotmail®, AOL MailSM, Yahoo® etc.)
to send a BCC text or HTML message to your list are not the best tools to do it right.
Why not? Because your standard email system is not designed for marketing and therefore has
significant limitations that can actually undermine, rather than aid your marketing efforts.
Constant Contact® is a Web-based email marketing service that’s affordable and designed to
make professional email marketing simple for the non-technical user. By using the Constant
Contact, you can avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your email marketing efforts.
Here are the top 10 reasons to use Constant Contact. Coincidentally, these are also the
top ten critical email marketing benefits that you won’t find in standard email systems.

1. Creates Great Looking Emails

Constant Contact provides professional HTML templates to make great-looking emails easy
by eliminating the need for any HTML skill. Templates are pre-formatted to help you organize
your content. They include fonts, colors and placeholders for graphics and company logos
that are easily customized to create a look that matches your company’s website or brand.
For the technically savvy marketer, Constant Contact allows for complete customization of an
email campaign in HTML or XHTML.

2. Requires No Technical Skill or Support Staff

Whether you are using your email system (and going it alone), or using a bulk email software
package, you will find that Constant Contact can save you precious time and money. With
Constant Contact, the bandwidth, power and flexibility are “built-in.” You don’t have to worry
about the technology or infrastructure required to send your email campaigns. In addition,
Constant Contact includes HTML templates and a simple, wizard-driven user interface. There
are no set-up costs, and Constant Contact provides free ongoing support, so that you can
focus your dollars on your business, not on the logistics of email marketing.

3. Delivers Measurable Results

Constant Contact enables you to measure the response of each email campaign. Constant
Contact reports the number of emails sent, opened, who opened, who clicked through and
which links they clicked on.
Reports also show new subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces and formal spam complaints.
These reports help you track and measure your success, target more effectively, determine
warm leads and improve your results over time. By understanding the individual and
campaign results, you will know your subscribers better, and build more effective future
email campaigns.

An important note: What you don’t know can hurt you. If you send your email from a
standard email systems and it generates spam complaints, you won’t know about them.
Furthermore, if your email is perceived as spam by ISPs, you run the risk of having your entire
corporate email server blocked. Businesses need to go through email service providers, like
Constant Contact, that can help them stay on the right side of the ISPs.

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